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Anyone out there?

Keep IT Kind @KeepItKindUK have just followed me on twitter. Is this a coincidence or has someone read my blog? No idea… I could be chatting to myself but hey, ill carry on talking just incase.

Keep it kind say they produce a natural based range of deodorants specially designed for pre & early teens that effectively combats body odour, and are apparently available from Boots & Tesco. I don’t want the earth, just a simple product that is not all about chemicals. I think i will be checking this deodorant out asap!


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Now three months in to our new diet I am not so new at shopping for our meals. Sadly it still surprises me how much my shopping bill has increased. I buy nothing pre prepared with the exception of the odd dark chocolate bar or carton of passata yet I can safely say my bill has gone up at least thirty per cent just because we live entirely on fresh food. Not really an incentive is it?

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Hulk face painting

Hulk face painting

Frozen face painting

Frozen face painting


I do a lot of things that are considered unusual by my friends but often do them without even thinking, so when a friend made a joking reference to me yesterday about the fact that I won’t give my children anti-perspirants I thought I would put it out there.

“Cancer-causing substances in antiperspirants are absorbed through razor nicks from underarm shaving. These substances are said to be deposited in the lymph nodes under the arm, which are not able to get rid of them by sweating because the antiperspirant keeps you from perspiring. This causes a high concentration of toxins, which leads to cells mutating into cancer,”


We are all much more aware these days that products on our skin can actually penetrate into our bodies. However there has for many years been speculation regarding anti-persirants and breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. The main cause of this is linked to the use of Aluminium-based compounds within the product as well as the preservatives,”

Now, I’m not the biggest researcher… I tend to have a little look, use a bit of common sense and make up my own mind. Let face it, the multi million pound cosmetic industry is not going to be keen for me to stop buying their products, and I have no doubt that if they can have a hand in publishing a non damning report against such a massive money spinning market then I suspect they will.

No, I prefer to ask myself if there is an alternative to a potentially risky product… and of course, as always the answer is yes.

The most obvious answer is to use nothing..but clearly this would not suit everyone !

I would say avoid the supermarket and have a look in your local health shop but check those labels for aluminium, alum or any words that are similar, we know how they can be jazzed up…

Personally, I have always been a fan of mineral sticks. They are made of salt and work brilliantly. (My work colleagues have never told me differently!) However some articles state that they could be just as bad! Oh!

What to do? Dilemmas eh? Spray can full of chemicals and perfumes or a stick of mineral salt. Which too choose when I am now now so confused.

I don’t think the cosmetic giants are going to like my decision ! 🙂

This is something that i have worried about as my early impression of Paleo eating seems to point to low sugar foods. However, Paleo is within reason what you choose it too be and i am keen for my family to eat plenty of fruit, especially when they love it so much. But, does our body have to ‘cope’ with the sugar and are we slowly wearing out our engine with every bit of natural sugar we eat?? I have added a link to a great site that explains our blood sugar far better than i can !…

Click here for the stuff I can’t explain!

I personally, will be packing in as much of this beneficial food as possible with our meals. Although between meals?… not too sure our teeth would appreciate that…. but that’s another subject!! ?


Now i have started blogging I realise that as i continue with my posts i am in danger of looking like a complete ‘know it all’,  leading the apparent perfect life, eating the perfect healthy diet and feeding the same to my perfect family who smile lovingly across the dining table. Lets get something straight from the start, although i guess this blog will get lost in a few weeks….. I am a normal woman. Im no health guru, i panic at the thought of getting the kids to school and myself to work, i never think I’m good enough at what i do and i have days when i want to fill up my cupboards with chocolate and not coconut oil and tuna. Oh, and the kids often glare at me across the lounge with their dinner on their laps… (although we also sit at the table!)
Now i have that of my chest, anyone for a cup of Red Bush tea? Its amazingly gorgeous and has no caffeine. 😉

Day two of my daughter starting secondary school and she is apparently known as the child with the weird lunches! I put an exclamation mark as my daughter is fine with this so I can almost laugh about it but do I feel guilty…? Of course i do. Would I feel guilty if I gave her sandwiches, crisps and chocolate? Definitely… so the answer? I do what I think is best for my children and accept that sometimes I may be different from other people.