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Stand Up To Cancer

Like many of us I watched Stand up to Cancer last night and humbling it most certainly was. I am the sort of person that try’s to appreciate every day. Even the naff ones where i am having a rotten time in my ‘day job’. I will smile and do my best to work through a tricky situation. However like many of us i sometimes sweat the small stuff and have to give myself a rain check…. but then i remind myself that its not always sensible to literally live very day as if it were my last and i forgive myself and accept a balance has to be made.

Programs like Stand up for Cancer are fantastic for raising vast sums of money to find cures for this horrendous disease as are the latest craze for raising cash on Social media in the form of silly activities like the ‘Ice bucket challenge’ and the ‘No make up selfie”. And best of all it does not involve that awkward moment of asking your Aunts, Uncles and work mates to sponsor you. All good, especially when breakthroughs into curing cancer are constantly being discovered and the chances of survival are on the increase. But….

How many research outcomes are actually being released into WHY Cancer is on the increase. And I don’t mean the statistics that are always being harped on about. Alcohol use, obesity and smoking. These are the sorts of cancer causing reasons that the government can safely blame on their public. However i’m pretty sure i’m safe in saying smoking must cause far fewer cancers than it did a few decades ago. There was a time when most of us were lighting up and it was positively the coolest, most healthy thing to do. However the Government still loves a good smoking debate. Even though they quietly count the money from the high level of tax they gain from the sales of tobacco.

Now to me, a nobody in the research world, the real increase in cancer is obvious. We only have to look at what we have now that we did not have a few decades ago. Well, certainly not to the extent we have them today.

Mobile phones and the many mobile phone masts that are popping up outside our house with absolutely no need for public consultation as long as they do not exceed a certain height.
Internet and more specifically the Wifi providing it
3. Chemicals and other junk added to our food
4. Microwave ovens
5. The numerous vaccines given to us which are all ‘great’ for our health and survival rates.
6. The overuse of Fluoride
7. The overuse of medicines….. namely antibiotics.

Do I need to go on….. ?

These are all foreign bodies that do nothing to lower our risk of cancer.

Any why doesn’t the Government talk about these subjects? Well, I’m not saying that these things do no good. Certainly there are great benefits to having vaccines at our fingertips, medicines and internet. But do we need these things to the extent that we have them? I for one don’t own a microwave and have done absolutely fine thank you for forty something years without zapping instant food. I personally don’t routinely vaccinate my children. and have done fine with this as well. I appreciate this is an individual choice.. although many people forget this. Whether these things have benefits or not we were not born requiring them. This makes them a foreign object and my strong belief is that they can all increase our chances of getting cancer. It is also safe to say that all of the above are huge money spinners in one way or another. The pharmaceutical world alone makes vast sums for the Government..

So, how about a bit of honestly and integrity from people that govern the laws that should be protecting its people.

I shall be revisiting in detail many of the above topics as i am passionate about living in a modern world whilst attempting to minimise the risks associated with it.


…Mel is such a talented lady… 30 kids painted and some Mums too at Emilie’s 3rd birthday party today!



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