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…and in the news today.

So many things in the news today that caught my eye. ‘Homoeopathy can cure Ebola’ I totally agree that this is possible, having used homoeopathy for the past 15 years, avoiding conventional medicine, I have seen for myself how fantastic it it. It just doesn’t earn these massive pharmaceutical companies huge sums. It never has done which is why, soon after it was founded by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) it was made illegal. Everything is on this planet for a reason. Don’t knock it until you have tried it! If its good enough for the royal family…. yes, thats not talked about often is it?

Homeopathy to cure ebola

‘The UK has fewer stomach cancer survivors than some third world country’s’
Yes, I get this. Im guessing that they don’t throw sugar or artificial sweeteners down their necks before or after diagnosis. One of the worst things for our stomachs.

‘The fry up not as bad as we thought’

Carbs are sugar. Simple.

Face painting by Mel is excited to announce that Art Party’s will be launched in the near future!

I am so completely passionate about art that I want to enable children of all ages to be able to unleash their inner artist with their friends in a party atmosphere.

Want more details? Feel free to contact me !





What an amazing day. Father Christmas can now be seen in his Grotto in Dobbies. Lots of faces were painted today to celebrate his arrival and Summer (Sumballoonie) modelled some seriously festive balloons. I have to say we are now feeling very Christmassy. P.s…. Dobbies smells gorgeous! a mixture of all those festive smells…yum.DSC_0175 DSC_0176

The Bruderhof Community

I was fortunate to face paint at an event in the summer where some locals from Dover were helping at the event by marshalling and running children’s activity stalls.

These people live in a Bruderhof Community and on chatting to a few of them I quickly formed the believe that we can learn a lot from their way of life and beliefs. They were giving away their book called ‘Their Name is Today’ which I am so pleased I took the time to read.

Having previously studied and worked with the EYFS, the national framework for children’s development I noticed that a lot of what they say is similar… minus the push push push mentality that we force on our youngsters. These people don’t live and die thinking about money or their next purchase. They purposely wear extremely simple clothes because these are what others associate with poverty.

These people spend quality time with their young and old. They don’t have the latest gadget or cash for a quick takeaway when they have been working ridiculous hours or simply because they can’t be bothered to cook… or worse, don’t know how. What they have is what they need. They looked happy, relaxed and certainly not rushed or stressed like a lot of us. They don’t have the pressures on them from the media to spend vast sums of money at Christmas or any other time, come to that. In fact they can’t because they don’t have money. They get provided with what they need.

I actually came away quiet envious… No, very envious. I absolutely recommend this book. I can guarantee that you will take something away from it.

Buy their book

The Bruderhof Community Website

Tapioca Flour

This week I set about finding a ‘Paleo’ flour that would make a great bread. I settled on Tapioca as the pearls make an apparent fantastic pudding (yet to be tested by the family). I then set about buying this flour online as in my recent experience many of the ingredients I want are not available in my usual health shops or sadly cost much more than I can buy them on the internet. I found that a company selling tapioca flour in 3 kilo bags was great value and I considered that it would last me a while without going off. The service was fantastic and my flour arrived the next day. Oh, two 3k bags. I ordered double by mistake. I start praying that we all love the stuff. Saturday arrives and my daughter makes rolls for us all to eat with homemade Celeriac and sweet potato soup. I was delighted with the results. It was the best bread we had eaten so far. Not sweet like the coconut bread… not rich like the almond bread. A little on the heavy side but delicious all the same. We ate it hot with butter on and dipped it into the soup for lunch. Maybe I’m a little suspicious at this stage as in my experience any food I really really love has a sinister side to it. Enter Doctor William Davis, author of Wheat belly. He tells us all those reasons why wheat should be avoided like the plague, then goes on to tell us what we should replace it with. Fruit.. tick, Veg…tick.. In fact all those foods I’m eating stacks more of on my Paleo journey. He then tells us what we should not replace wheat with, and there it was. Tapioca flour… happily sitting in that list. Why? It spikes the blood sugar higher than wheat, which if your interested, two slices of the stuff will spike our blood sugar higher than a Snicker bar.

So… The tapioca flour is most certainly not going in the bin, I’m far too tight for that but it will be coming out for those times when a bit of comfort food just can’t be replaced with a vegetable… however beautifully its been dressed but I am thinking i may not need to buy any for a long time to come!

One more kick…. its not even strictly Paleo because it undergoes so much processing… 🙂

“Thank you so much for doing our face paint, we all loved it…”

“I just wanted to say an absolutely massive, massive thank you for doing such an amazing vampire face…” “You’re extremely talented and should be very proud of your work.”

Anti-Bullying Month

November is Anti-Bullying month and the perfect time to bring up something that is really close to my heart. Bullying is something that I, along with millions of others worldwide can not abide. I don’t need to explain why people feel this way. Sadly it is something that cause’s heartache to many. Worst case senarios have seen the victims of bullying kill themselves because they can no longer see a future without the fear and pain their perpetrator brings them. Bullying goes on in all sorts of environments but It seems that institutions are where victims of bullying and their perpetrators are commonly found and this is not just restricted to children. Adults in Prison, and not just the vulnerable ones, can be just as likely to be the victim of bullying as can the younger generation in education settings.

I plan to add regular posts supporting anti bullying but one observation I have made over the years is this.

It seems that whilst bullying is more commonly deemed to be unacceptable, ‘grassing’ (a word i totally despise) on the perpetrator is something that is almost taboo. Lets be honest, it unlikely that this person or group of people have just the one victim.

I say, lets ‘out’ the Bullies and I don’t mean in a ‘hang, draw and quarter’ way, as, like the proverb goes, two wrongs don’t make a right. No, I mean if someone is being bullied, they should be hailed as the hero for standing up and pointing out their bully. There should be no fear of being labelled a grass and no stigma attached, certainly no reprisals or further bullying from outsiders following the ‘outing’ of a perpetrator.

It seems to me that from the bullies point of view, its ok for him or her to make life rubbish for their victim but its not ok for the victim to speak out. Really? I think not.

Lets not pay lip service to stamping out bullying. Lets say…  “don’t protect the bully and hail him as some sort of hero and award him animosity, lets name him and stand firm.”

Spread the word…

Face Painting for Adults

Face Painting for Adults

DSC_0160 DSC_0155 DSC_0153 DSC_0152 DSC_0146

Halloween in the South East !

Halloween in the South East !