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Mel on a Microwave Mission

In 1989, a Swiss food scientist called Dr Hans-Urich Hertel made some worrying discoveries. The study showed that blood could change after eating food that had been cooked or warmed in a microwave. Especially at risk were babies drinking milk that had been warmed in this way. However initially this information was covered up by the order of the Swiss courts.

I first came across this information around 15 years ago and shocked by what I read I threw my microwave away and never looked back, to the amusement of many a visitor! Until now….

Due to my Paleo lifestyle I spend a lot, yes an awful lot of time in the kitchen, often preparing food for the next day. And the next morning I spend yet again more time heating the prepared food for us all to take with us to work or school. I often think about how easy life would be if I could just pop a container into the microwave and warm it in a ping.

I keep telling myself that 15 years ago I did not have a wifi’d object in every corner of the house. Surely these are just as bad? Maybe they are far, far worse? Maybe the risks from a microwave are a drop in the ocean compared to the time bomb’s we have in our house’s today?

So I am adding to my list – research the dangers of living with and eating food from a microwave oven and then decide how these risks compare to what surrounds us every day.  Maybe the safest place is with the  Bruderholf community ……  But would they have me ?!

Thank you very much for your efforts. I received fantastic feedback from the team regarding the quality of your work and your relentless work ethic – EDF – Olympic Park.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. All the guests (both children and adults) loved it. It was a real success ! – Mel

You were amazing and we received lots of comments on how good you were. Your participation was fantastic and i can not thank you enough. – Hayley – Lola’a Journey

On behalf of Avante Partnership i would like to thank you for attending our Summer Annual Getaway and for painting some spectacular faces. There were lots of comments made about your skill and we were very grateful for your contribution to the day.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the face painting you did at Zac’s party, all the kids loved it. I will keep your card for future birthdays and will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a face painter. Sonia



Can’t believe i have not posted on here for so long. I think i have had bloggers block! Christmas came and went and now we are into January.. where did that go? As a family we have settled into our Paleo diet. I am not as scared of it now. The children’s shock has worn off, and due to the reaction i have if i eat wheat or dairy now i have widened my diet to eat all meat. I think as a nation we are so programmed to eat wheat with every meal that its almost impossible to leave it out. I still look at soups and wonder if everyone will be full up without some bread with it. Then i remind myself…. Bread is as bad as sugar! And i just make sure there is plenty of protein in or with that soup! Don’t get me wrong though…. we still crave sweets and give in from time to time. If we eat out, the kiddies will choose a pizza. However, our life does not revolve around junk food any more. We have three meals a day that are completely unprocessed…. In fact – anyone can do this!


Gallery Nightclub… New Years Eve. Amazing Maidstone venue!