Monthly Archive for February, 2017

Well, once again I have neglected this page and I have often considered that I am slacking, but maybe that’s how this should work. I don’t like being tied to it but do love to add to it from time to time. So, from now on I shall stop apologising for any lack of updates because isn’t that what we all do too much of… Apologise?

This time I disappeared because I changed direction. Let me explain. Have you ever mulled over exactly where you are going and what you should be doing? Well, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should do. The thoughts in my head went something like this…

Do I make a full-time career out of art but risk the likelihood of being very poor?

Do I give up art and get a ‘real’ job full time? I actually considered going back to full time in the job I had had for the past 20 years. Having my children, and a frequent dislike of my work environment were key factors in reducing my hours in the first place. Plus management treated staff terribly… don’t get me started.

Or, do I find a brand new job and give up art?

So, during a time of much soul searching I started really thinking about what I wanted to do. My children were getting older and I felt that i had more choices.

And then suddenly, after lots of preparation, because a job you really fancy doesn’t land on your plate, I was offered the perfect job for me. A Family Liaison Officer in a school that would really benefit from the experience that I could bring following my last career. And one bonus that comes from this wonderful fulfilling job is that I can continue to enjoy my art at the weekends, in the school holidays and very occasionally in the evenings.

I count myself incredibly lucky. Two jobs, which clearly means hard work but oh, so very worth it for the both of them and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am under no pressure to find painting jobs because I’m knocking out a job, nevermind the art work, and a day off every now and then is probably a good thing.  Simple. No pressure.

I have heard that some artists believe you have to be full time to be a success. I believe in the opposite. Many face painters come and go, often before they reach a good level because they give it up to earn a regular wage. I’ve now been going around 14 years. And this, I believe, is due to how I’ve chosen to play it  🙂



I absolutely love what I do and I count myself as being so lucky..

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