Monthly Archive for March, 2020

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. I chose to rest following a very busy year in which I continued to work through a personal bereavement. However things have changed an awful lot in the last few weeks. In order to slow the spread I will not be painting for the foreseeable future which is obviously the sensible thing to do. Stay safe everyone. Only socialise with those you live with. Don’t visit elderly friends and family. Only send your children to school if you absolutely have no choice. If one parent/carer is a Key Worker and the other isn’t, please leave your children at home. I am a typical UK resident who has always chosen to keep a day job whilst painting faces because I love doing it and let’s face it, the extra money is a bonus. During the day I work in a school as a FLO supporting the children and families, so will be helping to care for any children attending over the coming weeks. My husband and two children are Key workers out on frontline roles, my youngest daughter will be studying at home. All still live at home with us. Three of them are very likely to come into contact with Coronavirus and may contract it. I might contract the virus. I am unlikely to know that I have it initially. I will practice excellent hygiene but I may pass it on to a child or fellow colleague. There are many people like me. School may seem like the best option but please think, ‘Is this necessary for our survival?’ If you are a single parent and a Key Worker then the answer is ‘Yes’. If you are a key worker with a partner working from home needing to concentrate on his job or unemployed then the answer is ‘No’

Please stay at home. None of us like changes to our routine. We are creatures of habit. We will settle into our new routines. We all want to look back on this and reflect how we got through these times. In order to do this we need to protect those that may not cope well with this disease so that they can look back and reflect with us.