Monthly Archive for October, 2020

Today my face painting kit went to a brand new home. Someone that I think will do them proud and continue on the path that I have now stepped off of. Today I really do say goodbye to face painting and soon my Website will close.

I want to thank David from WEBEXPAND. He has been fantastic and believe me I have tried his patience over the years. I am not known for my technical ability but with his knowledge and support I think I have a pretty amazing website. This is the second that WEBEXPAND have built for me and both performed fantastically. Both were brilliant value, looked fantastic and directly drew me in a steady source of jobs from high profile clients such as the London Olympics to many many smaller events, all directly off the back of my website. I rarely used agencies as I just didn’t need too meaning more profit and control of my jobs.  David was so patient with me answering a ridiculous amount of emails from when I lost my passwords, couldn’t work out how to put my email address on my phone or just wanted a stupid question answered.  I can’t fault him.

If you are looking for a Website to be built and managed then I highly recommend WEBEXPAND.