I love Homoeopathy !

2015 by Mel

I love Homoeopathy !

I turned on the TV last night to find a program that has been focusing on Harley Street. I have been casually following this so I was particularly interested to see that it had turned its attention to alternative therapies. I converted to homoeopathy many years ago. This was for a number of reasons, I had a condition that could not be cured with conventional medicine, but who’s symptoms could only be kept at bay because it was viral. It also came at a time when I was concerned about the number of antibiotics and steroids my children were being prescribed. I will be quick to point out that my attitude is ‘never say never’ but since that day around 12 years ago our household has only ever used anything prescribed by a homoeopath.

I can say that I have never felt happier with this decision. I have had some scary moments when I’ve hoped and prayed that my homeopath would not let me down… I have a husband who does not necessarily share my confidence in homoeopathy and to this day has to be reminded of all the fantastic things we have seen.
So, to sum up the amazing work of my homoeopath, my son who was in and out of hospital from the age of 3 months to probably 3 years with breathing problems at the first hint of a cold and would need nebulisers and asthma pumps during these ill times has not needed any of this since the day I took him for his first visit. No, not even once.
My homoeopath may be fantastic but she is not brought from a higher being. She is doing what homoeopaths have done since Samuel Hahnemann developed his theory that ‘like cures like’
So it saddened me but it didn’t surprise me that the program ended with a lady that was not cured by her alternative therapist. People who choose this route will always be mocked to some extent but lets not forget that there is a reason why conventional medicine is constantly endorsed and that comes down to one thing. Money. It makes lots and lots of money.
Samuel Hahnemann had this exact problem so its interesting how nearly 250 years later its the same old story. Oh and for the record…. One family who have always used Homoeopathy and always will…. The Royals. And when it comes to keeping healthy they are most definitely King….


My Hero Samuel Hahnemann —  Only a Wikipedia page but you get the idea!

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