Health & Safety

Face painting by Mel prides itself on it’s high standard of hygiene. Mel uses a clean sponge for every face, water is changed frequently & all equipment washed thoroughly at the end of every working day.

Only professional face painting water based paint is used all of which are EU and FDA approved, contain anti bacterial & hypoallergenic properties & can easily be removed using mild baby shampoo or a very gentle soap & water although some staining can occur for a short while after removal depending on the paint used and the skin painted.

If you have any concerns as to how your skin may react Mel will perform a patch test prior to being painted. However, Mel will not paint anyone who appears to be suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis or any infectious skin condition or any other skin complaint that may worsen with the application of cosmetics. We reserve the right to refuse to paint a person for any reason or something on a person that we consider offensive.

Face Painting by Mel takes extreme care with all of the above however in the event of a reaction the artist can not be held responsible. although the artist will take care not to get paint on clothes if they do come into contact with paints they should be cold soaked and washed as normal. The artist can not be held responsible for damage caused.