Sumballoonie and I had an absolute blast today painting and Ballooning for the children and families who are supported by SWAN. The venue was the Thames Valley Adventure Playground which is fantastic and based in Maidenhead. We first visited two years ago and were thrilled when we were invited back again to have the pleasure of again being involved in this wonderful event run by such a great group of people.

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Many thanks to you for adding a special element to my daughter’s party. The kids had a blast and you did a brilliant job with so many to attend to. You offer a great service and I will be recommending you at every turn – Private event.

Thank you so much for yesterday, the day was fantastic and your work was fantastic. I only hope that next time i can squeeze in and get something done! – Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Recent Tweet: Very talented lady x

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A hugely popular event which meant that my queue was long and my paintings were quick! A lovely day as always


Thank you again for yesterday. I have received such great feedback. Many Thanks, Polypipe.

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Sumballoonie and I have had a wonderful mixture of events. Pictures here include the St James the Great Academy Summer Fete and a recent Save our Magnificent Meadows day – with another to follow on Saturday in Whatman Park, Maidstone. Come and see us !

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I was lucky enough to paint at this event!  Teams from as far away as Japan came along to take part! The pictures below are from mine and Sumballoonie’s weekend. As always it was a pleasure to meet so many lovely people.


IMG_1032 IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1040 IMG_1039 IMG_1038

Thank you for doing a wonderful job, everyone had amazing faces. Can we book you again for next year?!

Thank you to Mel and Summer for the amazing job they both did today. Got some great comments about their work. We really appreciated it x