The Bruderhof Community

2014 by Mel

The Bruderhof Community

I was fortunate to face paint at an event in the summer where some locals from Dover were helping at the event by marshalling and running children’s activity stalls.

These people live in a Bruderhof Community and on chatting to a few of them I quickly formed the believe that we can learn a lot from their way of life and beliefs. They were giving away their book called ‘Their Name is Today’ which I am so pleased I took the time to read.

Having previously studied and worked with the EYFS, the national framework for children’s development I noticed that a lot of what they say is similar… minus the push push push mentality that we force on our youngsters. These people don’t live and die thinking about money or their next purchase. They purposely wear extremely simple clothes because these are what others associate with poverty.

These people spend quality time with their young and old. They don’t have the latest gadget or cash for a quick takeaway when they have been working ridiculous hours or simply because they can’t be bothered to cook… or worse, don’t know how. What they have is what they need. They looked happy, relaxed and certainly not rushed or stressed like a lot of us. They don’t have the pressures on them from the media to spend vast sums of money at Christmas or any other time, come to that. In fact they can’t because they don’t have money. They get provided with what they need.

I actually came away quiet envious… No, very envious. I absolutely recommend this book. I can guarantee that you will take something away from it.

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