Update !

2015 by Mel

I have not posted for ages which pretty much says how busy i’ve been, But, i won’t be alone. Its the end of the school holidays and is it just me or does every household have a layer of dust and rooms that need tipping upside down and starting again. I just get nothing done. If I’m not working i want to be doing things with the kids. Quick update on the Paleo life. I made the decision recently to eat only paleo food. I don’t regret it a bit and it means i am feeding no non paleo foods at home even on the odd occasion. Kids aren’t always thrilled but as parents we do what we think is best. And it does mean I am on the hunt a bit more for sweet treats to make. Up until now i haven’t been that bothered with doing this as we would treat ourselves to what we fancied when we went out, but now i won’t do that I am planning to stock up on my recipes for cakes and other goodies made without all the cheap fillers that you find in the shops. Personally I feel so much better for not eating any wheat, sugar and other bulky things that make processed food edible. I won’t say its an easy journey to begin with but one that is well worth the effort. If you are new too it, stick with it. Before you know it you will be eating fruit with nuts or meatloaf for breakfast and it will feel normal ! However, i will never be an angel and for this reason i just can’t bring myself to ban red wine, coffee and very dark chocolate from my diet. I call it baby steps and loosely speaking, these are Paleo foods so i forgive myself…. well…. it has been the school holidays!

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